Well we now know that Republican votes can be bought


I have made my view on the bailout clear. This solves nothing, helps nothing. And no, we don’t live in a “post-bailout age.” We only live in the age between this bailout and the next desperate, doomed-to-fail attempt to reinflate the bubble and foist the current monetary mess on the middle class doomed to live under an inescapable debt burden.

That said, I can accept that some people felt, for whatever reason, that they had to hold their nose and vote for this. Lack of understanding the economic details, loyalty to this President, misguided belief that this is actually best for the country. I can accept being wrong or overly loyal or what have you.

What I cannot accept is those who sold their votes for a tax cut. Who were too craven to stand up for their convictions less than 1 week after making them known. Who bowed to internal Congressional pressure for a bill that HALF the country still does not want, and 50% more are against than for.

This is not representative democracy changing their votes. It’s pork-barrel politics being used to buy their concession. It’s selling out their convictions, their constituents, and their nation for a fleecing on the basis of items added that make this bill LESS fiscally responsible than before.

Oh..and a personal message to Roy Blount, my Rep who whipped this bill. I will never, EVER vote for you again. Thank you for selling out conservatism.