Are the Republicans too soft to win?

You know, in the bad-old days of Karl Rove; bad because we were winning easily, even with an incompetant campaigner like George Bush the elder, we would have crushed Sen Obama for his ties to Fannae and Freddy. We would have crushed him for his ties to oil policies 7 of 10 Americans disagree with. We would have had “Inflate your tires” as his energy policy all over sound bites a month ago.

Why are we settling for dubious character-assassination ads that aren’t playing well or selling well when we can POUND Obama on the one issue he’s polling well on? Am I the only one who thinks showing how far in bed Obama is with Fannae/Freddy or the Sierra Club’s senseless “Don’t drill anywhere” policies is not a winning move?

The only thing he has going for him is his “change agent mantra” and the traditional Dem. advantage on the economy. Hello RNC…this is how you win, you have a line of attack on BOTH of these at once. What are you waiting for? Show them “how” you want to change matters. Show them that when change was needed, BO did NOTHING but play liberal obstructionism. It’s not that hard. It’s a winning play, so why in the heck are you not doing it?

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