Not one of his better ideas

sorry Ron Paul, what it believes matters.


While I understand his frustration that his small ‘l’ libertarian views (many of which I happen to share) were not taken serious by the neo-cons of the National Republican Party leadership. Nor was he truly, IMHO, given a fair hearing to the public outside the blogospher. The solution is not to say “any” third party candidate will do, even Mr Green Ralph Nader. The simple fact is, this statement undercuts everything his campaign was about. If you want to create a revolution on a set of ideas, it is not sufficient to choose ‘anyone’ to then be a standard bearer. Rather, it is incumbent on Ron Paul and his followers to support the candidate that most closely represents what they think, regardless of how much they siphon off from one candidate or another. I am not foolish enough to think that candidate would be John McCain. Much more likely it would be from the Constitution Party or the Libertarian Party (Though Barr as the standard bearer of that party is a joke.)

If he truly wants his ‘ideas’ to be more than slogans and his campaign to be about change rather than outrage, then this is a solution that must be applied consistently. Find the candidate that best represent the viewpoint of the “small l” libertarian wing of the party, and use that to make the point.

Ironically, by doing this, I think he will do ‘less’ damage to the Republican ticket, contrary to what this article assumes. At the end of the day, disaffected Paul supporters are still more likely to come home and vote Republican than vote for Ralph Nader, who stands for everything they oppose.