Living what you believe?


So the One admits that he was too flippant when he said this decision was “above his pay grade.” And Biden says the classic Catholic Left line that “Personally I believe what the Church says, but I can’t enforce that on others.”

What does it mean when one can be so flippant about life that we cannot consider seriously when it begins? The calls of Palin’s hypocrisy (utterly false) continue. But what is it but hypocrisy when two people do not live what they claim to believe? Obama tels us he is Christian, Christian teaching on life is clear, the only debate Biblically is whether God made your soul from eternity or it is made at birth and always known by Him.

Biden’s position is to try to tell us that one can believe something and not live it. Pure and simple. That is not belief. Belief involves full trust and assurance. Belief that life is from conception means that one must act on it. Assurance that one is living what one claims. And that only comes if publically you do what privately you confess.

Why does this matter? Simple. If I can’t trust you to do what you believe when you ‘confess’ to accept a teaching on this issue, whatever the position one takes on Abortion (and I am 100% pro-life), I cannot trust you to maintain your position in anything else. Issues like this are not things where new data can change our minds. These are eternal principles; balancing life, personal freedom, and economics. Wherever you come out, the principles don’t change. They must be lived to be ideas you believe. Reversing one’s position when new data comes to light is understandable. Changing a worldview is also acceptable. Claiming a worldview and then living outside it is the trademark of the vapid mind and/or the opportunist.

For the one who knows what is right and does not do it, that is sin.