I saw this and had to start a diary.

The British seem to see these things more clearly. 😛


I think he’s dead on. This isn’t about the “culture wars.” It’s not about the “Bible Belt” conservatism. Reagan wasn’t one of those either. I’m amused reading the left who insist on inserting things in Palin’s speech she made no reference to.She never openly mentioned abortion, though her life is the epitome of the pro-life movement. Hypocrisy? Hardly. Pro-life isn’t about perfection, it’s about dealing with the hard things that are thrown at you and not killing your conscience. She didn’t, and she encouraged her daughter (rightly) not to as well. That’s a view lived in, and it speaks more eloquently than a dozen party planks.

What she did say, and what the media didn’t get, and the Left never gets, is how she knows the life of the ordinary American. Being blue collar and unprivileged, I think the left is most mad she “got away from them.” The Feminists don’t understand why she isn’t theirs. After all, here’s a woman who does all they say a woman can do. The epitome of the empowered woman…but she isn’t one of them? Why? Well, they don’t bother to answer that.

Rather, they assume her a simpleton…Quayle all over. 80% approval doesn’t happen for people who don’t understand politics. And you don’t understand politics without some brains. Am I 100% sold she’s the best VP right now in terms of office holding? No. But I’m 100% sold she was the best thing for the ticket.

And if the only good thing that comes out of this election cycle for the right is that John McCain plays Barry Goldwater to Sarah Palin’s Ronald Reagan, I’d say that’s not a bad legacy for him to leave the Conservative movement with.