Dean is right but he doesn't know it

John Dean has made what to many on the Left is a shocking observation, that Sarah Palin can beat  Mr. Obama in 2012.   Thus far, Mr. Obama has failed so miserably that Elmer Fudd could beat him in the next election.  Obviously, Sarah Palin could win the presidential election, hands down.  She connects to the people and Mr. Obama is in abject denial.  Look at his appraisal of the Government Motors bailout.  America lost billions on this charade.  His fuzzy math won’t cover-up reality.  The numbers don’t lie and most of the Democratic Party is made up today of delusional people.  These are hard words but the truth is often hard.   The people will speak again in 2012 just like they did in November of 2011, fuzzy math and hysterics on the Left notwithstanding.