Why I Am Voting For "The Other One"

On the eve of November 4th, the day America will exercise her most precious privilege, many are scheduling for a long wait in lines to cast their vote in what is predicted to be a record turnout election the likes of which we have not witnessed for decades. In my lifetime I have never seen a presidential campaign more rancorous, more debated, more emotionally charged and more heavily financed or one more important to the future of this great country we live in. If you are still an undecided you must either be an alien who recently landed on the planet Earth or you are heavily medicated for sensory overload.

To the delight of the media who are already congratulating themselves for a job well done, Barack Obama leads John McCain in the polls and his Devoted are ordering more champagne for the victory celebration. Not so fast! Americans are notorious procrastinators and many hold their political persuasions to be sacred and private possessions. They detest polls, don’t trust the media and have surely learned the prudence of silence from witnessing Joe the Plumber’s public castigation. Only Tuesday night, or perhaps even Wednesday, will reveal what the American public really feels. In the inner sanctum of the voting box each individual will weigh the evidence and vote his conscience. For me the decision is one worth fighting for as I see a startling contrast between the candidates, especially the way they view themselves and America. To begin, the title of “The One” was early on bestowed upon, and readily accepted by, Barack Obama, a man who denies being an elitist and works hard to portray himself as someone who feels the pain of the underprivileged and poor of the world. Is it possible to be in a more elite class than The One? In light of this I will disclose, at great risk of being audited, my reasons for voting for John McCain, “the Other One”.

Class warfare- The One has claimed that he will unite this country in a way no one has ever been able to do. Surely no one will disagree that he has the background, education and persuasive power to be able to accomplish this admirable task. However, his speeches about successful Americans who oppose his “spread the wealth” doctrine believing that “selfishness is a virtue” will only serve to create a new division in America; one based not on race but on wealth. It will not strengthen a belief in the American Dream but will create a bitterness that will destroy the very resolve necessary to achieve the Dream. What happened to the “Yes we can” chant of the Obama campaign- were those just empty words? My husband is a naturalized American from France and when we got married we had our dream and little else. When he read about or met very successful, self made American men and women he was filled with hope not jealousy and despair. He knew if it was possible for them to live the American Dream it was also possible for us. The Other One understands that no matter how much you promise to give to someone it will never replace the pride felt when you have earned it or the drive that achievement gives to every hard working American.

Character- My family always preached that I would be judged by the company I keep and that company could either enrich my life or stain it. The media would like us to forget that before The One was in the spotlight he chose to keep company with certain individuals most Americans would not want in their lives or around their families. One by one as his relationships were exposed The One tried to distance himself and his campaign and the media worked feverishly to do damage control. Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Tony Resko, Rashid Khalidi, Father Pfleger are a few of the people who have been part of a mutually beneficial relationship with The One. Americans must decide, is The One truly unscathed by his long history with these radicals or is he simply a beautifully wrapped package of the corruption, hate and anti-Americanism that distinguishes them? The Other One is a man of character that we can trust. He was incorruptible in his love for and belief in America even when tortured for years by a cruel enemy. It is certain most would have understood if he had been broken. The Other One has always put Country First and has been a man with the strength of character to stand on his own two feet and take sole responsibility for his decisions. His position between two very powerful political parties is not conducive to making friends. It is however a position where every one knows where he stands and what he is willing to fight for which gives me a sense of security even though I don’t agree with him on every issue.

Supreme Court Justices- The One will appoint for life touchy, feely judges who will legislate from the bench and shove U.S. Government deeper into our lives, negating States rights and the ability of the people to decide their future and how their communities will govern. The Other One has sworn to appoint Judges who will uphold the United States Constitution, the one document that can be credited with building the most successful and revered country in history. A country so blessed with opportunity that people worldwide have for generations flocked to her shores and for those unable to do so, America offers hope that their misery and poverty will not go unnoticed. Our Constitution is the foundation that makes America worth fighting and dying for.

Life- The One has voted to protect some of the most barbaric practices mankind has ever witnessed- the killing of innocent babies, many capable of sustaining life outside the womb. He is so extreme in his views that as a State Senator he voted against the Induced Infant Liability Act which would give legal protection and medical attention for babies born alive in botched abortions. That same year a federal law, the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, was passed by a bipartisan majority vote. The One also protects partial birth abortion, a practice so obscene it is inconceivable how anyone could find an argument to justify it. It is astounding how many women who praise The One for his stance on these Pro-Choice issues have never read a medical description of the process they are fighting for. The Other One clearly stands for the protection of all life, born and unborn and his voting record, his personal life and his choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate validate his belief.

National Security and the Preservation of Freedom- I was raised in Texas where I grew up watching John Wayne movies. Good and evil were clearly portrayed by the color of the hats worn and the good guys always won. Ronald Reagan described his strategy to win the Cold War with the bold yet simple words, “We win, they lose.” He left nothing to the imagination. When you fight an evil enemy you must never give them hope that you understand their cause or will excuse their behavior and above all we must be perceived as unbreakable in our will to crush them. There is no level of evil that is acceptable. We cannot give the enemy a timeline for how long we are willing to fight or limit our efforts to achieve anything less than victory. Yet this is the very promise made to our enemy by The One. How will he convince a soldier to put his life on the line when the fight is not even worthy of victory? Americans are by nature a very loving, peaceful and tolerant society and we are always trying to understand what makes people evil. This tolerance gives strength to the enemy. We must elect a President who recognizes the face of evil and has shown a willingness to die in the fight against it. The Other One is that man and those who seek to destroy American ideals, principles and freedom know he will be their enemy.

On Tuesday, November 4th I will proudly wear my McCain-Palin campaign button and I will vote for The Other One, John McCain