Buying time???

As we watch czars come and go and WH staff declare their Marxist loyalties it struck me that each of these episodes is buying time.  We are angered at the ‘takeover’ of our country and the determined agenda to overturn our constitution and way of life.  Each ‘Van Jones’ or ACORN indiscretion is promptly removed, tweaked, feigning compliance only.

Each one ‘terminated’ is then immediately replaced with an unending supply of ‘Community Organization, Sol Alinsky, Marxist, Socialist’ trained automatons.  The ‘AGENDA’ continues unabated.  Going for the tail of the snake will never solve anything.  I venture to say that by Spring 2010 it will be too late to turn back; I also doubt anyone is concerned about November 2010 elections; we will most likely have lost the right to vote by then.