Lipinski Continues His Misinformation Campaign Regarding Obamacare and Abortions

Source: lipinski.house.gov/September 16, 2014:

Dan Lipinski: “Today, we learned that the GAO has identified 1,036 plans that pay for abortions and do not have a separate fund free of taxpayer dollars, making it absolutely clear that taxpayer funds are being used to pay for abortions under the ACA. This suggests the Administration is allowing health insurance companies to even ignore the accounting gimmick that they put into the law in order to gain support.”

Lipinski continues: “I voted against the ACA in part because of the inclusion of taxpayer funding for abortion. Now we see that provisions that were included in the law in regard to taxpayer funding of abortion and the promise of every American having the ability to purchase a plan on the exchange that didn’t cover abortion have not been implemented. All of this is completely unacceptable.”

Lipinski’s Misinformation Revealed:

CNS News reports (9/18/14): “Wednesday, Sept. 17, Congressman Dan Lipinski voted for the continuing resolution to fund the government, which includes funding for ObamaCare, and thereby abortion.”  CNS continues: “Following a Capitol Hill press conference on Thursday, CNSNews.com asked House members, “Is it not true that members who voted for the CR, which fully funds implementation of Obamacare, voted to implement a program that funds abortion? Rep. Lipinski said, “Well, there’s a lot of issues dealt with in there, so we just continued the funding that was in place already…

It’s a shame that Dan Lipinski even uses his official government web page to spew misinformation to the voters of the 3rd Congressional District. Dan Lipinski was in-fact a leader (in his own words), in bringing about ObamaCare and in fact, he voted OVER 10-times to keep all of ObamaCare, including its language on abortion, hidden slush-funds, taxes, regulations, mandates and fees.

Dan Lipinski says one thing to his constituents and does another when voting in Congress. Maybe this is why Crain’s Chicago Business News labeled him a flip-flop representative.
See Dan Lipinski’s votes “in support” of ObamaCare (which includes abortions) below:
  • H.R.3630 “Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act” – Lipinski “No”
  • H.R.2 “Repeal ObamaCare” – Lipinski “No”
  • H.R. 5 “Repeal The Independent Payment Advisory Board” (aka The ObamaCare Death Panel Board) – Lipinski “No”
  • H.R. 3350 “Keep Your Health Plan Act of 2013” – Lipinski “No”
  • H.R.6079 “Repeal ObamaCare” – Lipinski “No”
  • H.R. 1255 “Government Shutdown Prevention Act” (included several amendments to ‘severely limit’ implementation of ObamaCare) – Lipinski “No”
  • H.Cont.Res.34 (Part of Budget for 2012-2013 – included amendments to Repeal and Defund ObamaCare) – Lipinski “No”
  • H.R. 1213 “To Repeal Mandatory Funding Provided to the States to Establish Exchanges” (was to eliminate the ability of the secretary of Health and Human Services “to have an unlimited tap on the U.S. Treasury related to government mandated health insurance exchanges.”) – Lipinski “No”
  • H.R.45 “To Repeal the PPACA” – Lipinski “No”
  • H.R.3362 (Transparency) “Exchange Information Disclosure Act” (To require the Obama Administration to provide weekly reporting on “key metrics” to lawmakers and state officials – 33 Democrats voted “for” this bill.) – Lipinski “No”
  • H.R. 2009 “Keep IRS Out of ObamaCare” – Lipinski “No”
  • September 2013 “Delay ObamaCare” – Lipinski “No”
  • September 2013 “Repeal Medical Device Tax” – Lipinski “No”
  • H.R. 1217 “Repeal ObamaCare Slush-Fund” – Lipinski “No”

** What is the ObamaCare H.R.1217 Slush-Fund? Section 4002 of PPACA establishes a Prevention and Public Health Fund, which bill, H.R. 1217, could have repealed. The PPACA section authorizes the appropriation of (i.e. it takes) and appropriates (deposits) to this new fund – taking it out of the U.S. Treasury, in the following amounts:
$500 million for FY 2010
$750 million for FY11
$1 billion for FY12
$1.25 billion for FY13
$1.5 billion for FY14
and for FY15 and every fiscal year thereafter, $2 billion.
This is a Lipinski Approved ObamaCare “slush fund” from which the Secretary of H.H.S. can spend this money FUNDING ANYTHING without any congressional oversight or approval.IMG_0076

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