Brannigan Fights for Jobs Bills Held Up by Harry Reid in the U.S. Senate

“Congress has not been that helpful,” President Obama told a crowd in a local theater.   “They have not been as constructive as I would have hoped and these actions come with a cost. (July 31, 2014).”

However, as Obama blames his so-called “do nothing” Congress, it’s actually Senator Harry Reid who stalls much of the progress in Congress – especially in terms of JOBS.

RNC Chairman, Reince Priebus, released the following statement on a recent jobs report: “This jobs report would be so much better if Harry Reid would do his job and get the Democrat Senate to vote on the 43 jobs bills passed by the Republican-led House of Representatives,” said Chairman Priebus. “Instead of putting people back to work, Harry Reid is letting those bills gather dust.  He can’t be bothered to help the unemployed.

This November, if the American people will fire Harry Reid and sustain the Republican-led House of Representatives, that will help foster an agenda of pro-growth policies, including legislation to build the Keystone Pipeline.  The State of Illinois is still sitting at around 3rd worst in the nation in unemployment.  Our state can’t wait any longer for a “real” economic turn-around.

It’s the responsibility of Representatives, like Dan Lipinski, to understand the urgency regarding our State’s long-term unemployment crisis.  Lipinski needs to “talk” to his fellow Democrats to pressure them to take-up all legislation.  Sadly, Dan Lipinski has not advocated for these JOBS bills.

If Dan Lipinski won’t put pressure on his own party to pass JOBS legislation for the American people and those of the 3rd Congressional District,” said Sharon Brannigan, candidate for U.S. Congress, “then I’ll do it.

Brannigan sent a fax to Sen. Harry Reid on August 5th, urging the Senate Majority Leader to take “action” on jobs bills that Americans desperately need.  A complete copy of her fax to Senator Reid can be seen online ( http://bit.ly/1B8ONQj ).

Brannigan continues: “43 jobs bills have been passed by the Republicans in the House and the only thing holding them back is President Obama and Harry Reid.  Whether he admits it or not, the facts are that Dan Lipinski, as a 10-year incumbent, a member of Obama’s inner circle, a full supporter of ObamaCare and a Congressional Millionaire, currently has enough ‘clout’ to send a memo or make a call to Harry Reid and ask for action for JOBS for the American people, but simply hasn’t done so,” Brannigan said.

As of August 5th, 2014, 352 bills that passed the House of Representatives are awaiting action on Harry Reid’s desk. Of these bills: 98% passed with bipartisan support; Nearly 70% passed with 2/3rds support or more; Over 50% passed with no opposition at all; And 55 were introduced by Democrats.  Harry Reid refuses to bring them up for a vote.

Maybe Obama is right, Congressmen, like Dan Lipinski, are not that helpful.” What do you think?

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