These are just some random, semi-scatterbrained thoughts I just had.

I don’t know if theme is the right word, but I am starting to see some interesting themes emerge. I find it interesting how the left always yells “FOR THE CHILDREN” as a means of bludgeoning people into supporting their policies (“how could you not support {insert policy here}? It’s for the children. Or do you just hate children, you children hating child hater you?”) yet they are quick to rush to the defense of those who abuse, or abet those who abuse children.

When video footage of an ACORN office in Baltimore, MD helping two undercover journalists disguised as a pimp and a prostitute go over the initial steps of getting housing for and figuring out how to launder the money from a child-prostitution ring emerged, Democrats and other notable leftists rushed to ACORN’s defense with the argument that “it’s just a few bad apples.” Quite a few on the left stuck to this defense, even after footage of ACORN offices in NYC, Washington D.C., San Bernardino and San Diego emerged, all with employees at those offices offering the exact same kind of help that those at the office in Baltimore did. The next logical question to ask here is, “Did they ever set up any fully functioning child prostitution rings?”

In the past couple of days, a controversy has brewed over whether or not Director Roman Polanski should be extradited after his arrest in Switzerland. Almost everyone on the left, especially the Huffington Post and the usual crowd of Hollywood idiots, has been defending Polanski. The Huffington Post has gone so far as to compare Polanski to fmr. Congressman Mark Foley, who was accused of sending suggestive IMs to a congressional page, while Whoopi Goldberg has said that Polanski didn’t commit “Rape-Rape.” So only adult woman can be raped? While there is folly in the comparision to Foley, I won’t delve into it. I will, however, give credit to the New York Times for saying that Mr. Polanski should be extradited and stand trial.

What’s the common theme here? Once again, actions speak louder than words. While the left claims to be the protector of a certain group (in this case, the children) they fail when it most counts. They are stonewalling on the de-funding and investigating of ACORN, a group that is more than willing to aide and abet child prostitution rings. They are doing the best they can to defend Mr. Polanski, a semi-talented director (“The Pianist” was his only memorable movie, and even that pales when compared to “The Big Lebowski” IMO) whose inability to control himself caused untold psychological damage to the girl he raped, instead of asking that the book be thrown at him (If the statute of limitations allows for his prosecution).