Could the current Middle East turmoil be an affirmation of the Bush policies - My thoughts

One of the intended consequences of the War in Iraq was the establishment of a Democracy in the Middle East to hold up as a example of what life could be.  While the Democracy and the democratic process in Iraq are far from perfect, I believe they are having the intended effect on the region.

First we had the uprisings in Iran which the US and the Obama administration failed to offer any support, but the tone was set.  Then we have the referendum to split the country of Sudan, followed by the uprising in Tunisia.  That lead to Egypt, Yemen and Jordan with Syria potentially next.

The common threads are corrupt governments and corrupt business practices concentrating the countries wealth into the hands of the government anointed elite and the average citizen struggling.  However, the power of the new media and the new flows of information have emboldened the youth to understand the status quo is not the only option.  Since they have little to protect, they are willing to risk everything to gain the chance to succeed or fail on their own, not by the dictates of a corrupt system.

More of these uprisings will fail than succeed, this time around, but the world has been put on notice.  The people understand now what is possible, not just in the United States , but everywhere.  When those possibilities are squashed the people will stand up!

Thank you President Bush for your courage and wisdom!

My 2 cents


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