A Plea to the GOP

It’s been almost a week since the cowardly vote by the Marxists (that’s right I said it….) in the House on the single most dangerous and totalitarian bill ever to be voted on in Congressional history. And yet save for comments from a few reliable conservatives on the Sunday morning circuit and in the beginning of the week, the RNC and GOP leadership is curiously and disappointingly quiet as this bill prepares for debate in the Senate.

Yes I know Graham, Inhofe and Lieberman have pronounced this bill D.O.A. And while those were reassuring words downstream of the House vote, it didn’t stop DIngy Harry from placing this bill on the Senate calendar.

GOP/RNC: This is your wake-up call. Your last chance to redeem yourself to your base. You see, we’re about done with you. Between voting for TARP when you didn’t vote for TARP, pre-emptively endorsing  Crist in Florida and supporting the Marxist in NY-23, just to name a few betrayals, this is the last out in the 9th inning. If this thing passes, regardless of the makeup of Congress after 2010 and regardless of who is the Republican POTUS in 2012, we will never, ever get rid of the Statist apparatus constructed with this bill.

It will be like a computer virus that you cannot get rid of unless you rebuild the whole thing.

So instead of spending $900K of our money supporting a Marxist in NY-23, and spreading money around to good little moderate soldiers, why don’t you spend that money blitzing media, educating the American people on what will happen to their way of life should this monstrosity become law.

Explain to the people that Obama lied.

Their taxes will go up.

They will have no choice.

They will not be able to keep their existing coverage.

They may go to jail if they don’t obey.

Yes, I said obey. That’s what this is about. Control. Obey the State or face the consequences. That’s what good little Marxists-Statists do. They say ‘blank’ is good for the people….good for the collective, and yet they always include draconian compliance measures to make sure the serfs comply. Every totalitarian regime in modern history has ruled this way. The Obama/Pelosi/Reid regime is no different. The GOP/RNC knows this. Yet they are silent.


GOP/RNC: Stop parsing words!

It’s past time to call Obama a Marxist.

It’s past time to call Obama a radical-Islam appeaser.

It’s past time to call Obama anti-military, anti-West, anti-free market, anti-freedom, anti-liberty, anti-people.

Obama is a totalitarian, plain and simple. A cold, withdrawn, calculating bully hellbent on getting his way, ‘fundamentally transforming America’ if we don’t stop this trainwreck.

GOP/RNC; it is that serious. 2010 and 2012 simply won’t matter unless this thing is killed. NOW.

So do your job. Lead. Educate. Remember this simple rule to govern by:

‘Government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem’.

Do the right thing. Kill.This.Bill.

By ANY means necessary.