Has the VA GOP Just Nominated a Squish?

Is McDonnell a squish?

In these economic times, with public support moving more towards the generic GOP label in more than 2 decades and when 40% of the public identifies themselves as a ‘conservative’, why would our nominee not take advantage of this political environment and make a clear no tax pledge?

I understand politicians not wanting to get boxed into a corner a la Bush 41. But………..if one is guided by conservative principles, which always includes low taxes and no new taxes, and if one consistently operates on principle, is it really that hard to make a commitment on the record of no new taxes? It’s either black or white. There is a reason cardboard boxes are brown. Operate on principle and you won’t ever get boxed in.

Mr. Attorney General, you are either conservative or you aren’t. Remember…..bold colors, not shades of pastel. We don’t need a squish as Governor.

Show us that you are a conservative.

Show us that you are not a squish.


No new taxes.