A new Bakken, a new Marcellus, a new Utica? Yes The Mancos Shale oil play could be!

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The San Juan Basin has one of the largest accumulations of natural gas in the United States, and possibly the world.  The San Juan Basin Energy Conference is sponsored by the San Juan College School of Energy, San Juan County, Farmington Chamber of Commerce and New Mexico Center for Energy Policy (a division of New Mexico Tech).

The conference objective is to explore energy production, natural gas, and energy alternatives.  Speakers will address the Mancos Shale as an emerging play alongside the Utica shale of Ohio and currently worked Eagle Ford, Barnett, Marcellus and Bakken shale’s which have transformed “unconventional” into “conventional” in less than six years.

The San Juan Basin Energy Conference was founded to provide a forum for exchange of ideas regarding the development of the abundant energy resources found in the region. The focus of this year’s conference will be the Mancos Shale. The knowledge of the immense hydrocarbon resources in this formation along with the recent improvements in technology required to produce it are now coming together. The early results of Mancos shale development have captured the attention of the petroleum industry, and it is anticipated that the San Juan Basin will continue to supply vital resources that this country requires.

For more information and how to register for the conference click on this link—-> http://www.sanjuanbasinenergy.org/about/