Wisconsin Collective Bargaining Bill Published As Law Today

The bill the unions fought desperately to defeat was published Friday by the Reference Bureau.  It was published with a footnote about the restraining order which acknowledges the order but also notes that the Bureau must publish laws within 10 days.

In a massive oversight by the democrats, the restraining order was taken out against Secretary of State Doug La Follette.  He is not responsible for publishing bills.  The Reference Bureau publishes the bills.  It would not surprise me if the Walker Administration was aware of this distinction.

This does not mean the lawsuits attempting to stop the law are over.  Today the city of Madison firefighters and public works employees filed a lawsuit against the bill.  Their version states that the bill treats some union workers unfairly compared to other unions.  I think they are right but the ultimate outcome will be for the firefighters and police to be subject to the same provisions in the new law instead of invalidating the law.