Rush Forced to Apologize; Breitbart Turning Over in His Grave

Conservatives may have lost the first media battle of the post-Breitbart era.

Rush was forced to apologize today, a victim of attacks by the Media Complex that Andrew Brietbart spoke out against so passionately.

This is classic Alinsky.  The leftist media swarm over Rush’s comments are exactly what Andrew railed against.  The media is  following Alinsky’s rules to a “T” and has turned the real story — Obamacare forcing religious institutions to cover birth control — on its head and made conservatives the issue:  rude, evil, sexist, right-wing conservatives, and how they want to take away women’s health care.  They have picked Rush as the target, frozen him, and polarized him.

Liberals are still much, much better at this game than conservatives.  Rush, for his part, stepped into a trap.  He’ll be lucky to survive.  Time and time again the leftist media complex lays these traps for conservatives, and conservatives fall right into them.  So instead of playing offense on a winning issue, conservatives are now on the defense.

Lessons to learn:

1.  Don’t make it easy for liberals.  Don’t say stupid things and don’t call their plants names that will come back to bite you.  Liberals are allowed to call women names; conservatives are not. Don’t cross the line from ridicule and satire to insult and slurs.

2.  Don’t let the media complex control your story.  This is not about standing up for women’s health care.   This is about the government forcing religious institutions to pay for birth control.  How conservatives will ever get this narrative back now, I have no idea.

3.  Keep hammering liberals on their misogynist rhetoric.

4.  Boycotts work.  Where is the counter-boycott of liberal bloggers and their advertisers?