McCain to Pick VP This Week?

According to Novak (via Drudge), Senator McCain will be announcing his VP pick this week. The most recent favorite for the pick seems to be Mitt Romney.

I think it smacks of lack-of-headline desparation while The One soaks up all the political oxygen this week on his world tour. But at the same time, if McCain doesn’t want to start slinging the mud – aka telling the truth about the elitist, Marxist Obama – then his options are limited and he needs to do something to counter the media adulation on Obama.

I wish he could have hammered Obama this week on the ground in places like OH, MO, CO and VA – I think a lot of folks in middle America will actually be quite bitter while witnessing Euro-worship with Obama’s million man march in Berlin. I think there’s an effective political play to be made against Obama on this point, and I wish McCain would focus more bashing Obama on it than a stunt like early VP announcement.

As for the actual announcement, Romney is a fine guy, but its not clear to me what he really brings to the table electorally. Part of the problem for Senator McCain if he does pull this stunt is that it needs to be someone exciting enough to justify the headline grabbing effort. Do Pawlenty or Sanford meet that test? I like them both, but I doubt it.

But ultimately I give McCain points for at least trying something creative if he does it.