Why changing 14th amendment is a bad idea

Call me paranoid, but I don’t want to give bureaucrats a way to go up to an American citizen, who does have proof of citizenship, and say “We don’t think your citizenship was valid in the first place”.

My simplistic proposal for the order of fixes:

1.  Build a better wall.  We put men on the moon, we can build a fence.  Yes, it will cost a bunch of money, but that is perhaps a better way to spend “stimulus dollars” than some of the current ways.

2.  Increase enforcement of people who are illegally in the US.

3. Increase pressure on the Mexican government to reduce corruption and make living and working in Mexico more attractive.

4.  Widen the roads and increase staffing at border checkpoints.  Implement a guest-worker-permit system.

5. Review and perhaps increase immigration limits.  Legal immigration has always been beneficial for us in the past.  And call me crazy, but if we vastly increased legal immigration – AFTER we did the above fixes – we would be forced to deal with the entitlement issues.    The problem is not legal immigrants, it is able-bodied and able-minded people who in a permanent state of not working, not paying taxes, and taking from society.