Senator Richard Burr is waivering on debt limit raising

I just got off the phone with Senator Richard Burr’s (R-NC) office in Washington. The response from one of the staff Ryan Hart was one that Senator Burr has always taken the position that substantial cuts are necessary before debt ceiling increase. When pressed about the McConnell back up bill I was told that it is not the preferred, however it’s not off the table. The reasoning was we have to pay the debt, roll over treasury bonds bla, bla, bla. I took that as it’s a possibility, when I pressed harder and said that as a party the Republicans have to hold strong and when the so called gun is to the Democrats head they will blink. He said to me your willing to default and loose the triple a rating, you can’t be serious. I explained I have to make hard decisions every day and that raising the debt ceiling to 16 trillion isn’t going to keep the rating. And I asked when is it going to end, you guys have let it go up and up and up. When does it stop, if you let it go to 16 trillion and then 18 trillion, 20 trillion when does it stop. In my opinion it has to stop sometime why not now,


I can’t get over the line he told me your willing to bet that if we hold strong and get it to the point where the so called gun is held to the Democrats head that they will blink. And that we won’t be blamed.


Senator Burr’s office seems to be afraid to do the right thing, they seem more willing to be political then reasonable and responsible. Politically they won’t be up for re-election until 2016 and they are willing to give in without any political consequences for 5 years?


I am losing faith in the Republican Establishment politicians, and I think that we need to either replace them in their next elections or they need to show us that they mean business.


Thanks for keeping their feet to the fire,


Best regards,

Scott Given