The political ad i want to see

After the debate last night, I got to thinking about how insane it would be to allow this empty suit to have his finger on “the button”. The only “button” I think he should be pushing is the “Easy” button from the TV commercials. A picture formed in my mind of Obama in the Oval Office when a staffer comes running in and says that Russia has invaded Ukraine, Iran is bombing Israel, and China has Taiwain completely surrounded with a navl blockade. Obama says that it’s time for “the button” and reaches out and presses the “Easy” button and turns to his staffer and says “That was easy!”. As he leaves the room the staffer has a horrified look on his face. Probably needs to be made by a 527 group, but I’d love to hear “I’m John McCain and I approve this message!”

BTW, Obama’s idea to open the federal employees health insurance plan to everyone is a slap in the face to every federal employee who has worked hard to earn their benefits. The risk pool for feds is already high since every sick person able to work knows they can get a federal job and qualify for insurance. If this plan goes through, every single un-insurable person in the US will sign up for the program and every federal employee will see a huge increase in premiums to cover the additional expense. Talk about a middle class “tax increase”.