More Ideology Trumping Science on the Left

Conservatives for Science: More Ideology Trumping Science on the Left

Ronald Bailey at Reason dissects a Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) report on crop yields and asks an excellent Earth Day question:

Why don’t environmentalists celebrate modern farming on Earth Day?

First, keep in mind that farmers are not stupid, and especially not poor farmers in developing countries. The UCS report acknowledges that American farmers have widely adopted biotech crops in the past 13 years. Why? “The fact that the herbicide-tolerant soybeans have been so widely adopted suggests that factors such as lower energy costs and convenience of GE soybeans also influence farmer choices.” Indeed. Surely saving fossil fuels that emit greenhouse gases should be viewed by a UCS advocacy scientist as an environmental good. And what does Gurian-Sherman mean by “convenience”? Later, he admits that biotech herbicide resistant crops save costs and time for farmers. Herbicide resistance is also a key technology for expanding soil-saving no-till agriculture which, according to a report in 2003, saved 1 billion tons of topsoil from eroding annually. In addition, no-till farming significantly reduces the run-off of fertilizers into streams and rivers.

Bailey answers the specific claims in the UCS report and notes that the group’s own history of supporting burdensome regulation that may have hampered biotech crop advancement puts UCS in a weak position to be lamenting that bio-engineered crops have failed. His conclusion:

Increasing crop yields to meet humanity’s growing demand for healthful food while protecting the natural world will require deploying the full scientific armamentarium. This includes advances in crop breeding, improvements in cultivation practices, the safer deployment of fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides—and, yes, genetic engineering. It is odd that while the UCS accepts the scientific consensus on man-made global warming, it refuses to accept the scientific consensus on the safety, usefulness, and environmental benefits of biotech crops.