Salazar's Wolf Decision Upsets Administration Allies

Conservatives for Science: The Left and Science: Ken Salazar vs. Environmentalists

Washington Post:

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s decision to stick with a controversial Bush administration move that took gray wolves off the endangered species list in most of the northern Rockies reflects the independent streak that has defined his career. But it has alienated key Obama administration allies, including environmentalists and some lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

It appears Salazar based his decision on the clear scientific consensus.

Interior spokeswoman Kendra Barkoff said Salazar had followed the unanimous recommendation of Fish and Wildlife Service scientists in setting the new policy, rather than letting political factors influence him. “This was a decision based on science,” she said…

Based on President Obama’s proclamation that his administration will separate politics from science, Salazar’s decision to do just that should be the final word right?

Umm…wrong.  Apparently, only when a policy decision concurs with what the Left wants is it acceptable to be based solely on science.

The Left’s reaction includes this priceless quote:

One House Democrat, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, framed it in even more blunt political terms. “I just don’t see what this does for us,” the lawmaker said. “Here we are alienating people who did the most — who did a lot to help us in the last election.”

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