Even When Government Power Grabs Are Overturned - The Left Wins

The Barack Obama Administration has been overstepping its Constitutional bounds since just about five minutes after its first inauguration.

They have long been practicing a regulatory-overreach overrun approach.  Imposing myriad new regs in innumerable directions – oft aimed at the free market’s foundational sectors and Democrats’ political enemies.

The power grab victims are forced to take it – or to waste huge sums of money and man-hours trying in court to fend off the Leviathan.  Obama and his ilk knowing that every cent and second these folks spend on lawyers and lawsuits lessens what they can spend on, say, future elections.

Hobby Lobby Becomes Largest Company to Sue Over ‘ObamaCare’ Birth Control Mandate

W.Va. Sues Obama, EPA Over Mining Coal Regulations

Texas Sues to Stop Obama EEOC Insanity

For-Profit College Group Sues Obama Administration Over Regulations

Guns Groups to Sue Over New Obama Regulations, DOJ Vows To ‘Vigorously Oppose’

If the government lead blanket smothers everyone – Obama waives his friends out from under.

Exemptions to ObamaCare Doled Out to President’s Supporters

Labor Unions Primary Recipients of ObamaCare Waivers

Nearly 20 Percent of New ObamaCare Waivers Are Luxury Businesses in Nancy Pelosi’s District

Any power grab – no matter its ultimate outcome – is all upside for the Left.  Let’s look at the chronology.

The Left executes a power grab.  If it’s not challenged, it stands. Win.

If it’s challenged, the Left is forcing the private companies or political enemies they loathe to burn many, many dollars and man-hours trying to undo it.  Win.

To recoup the prodigious costs wasted on this nonsense (either the regs themselves or the court cases to undo them), the companies are forced to raise the prices of their products and services.  Which the Left then decries as heartless Vulture Capitalism and evidence that the free market doesn’t work.  Win.

The Left gets to have the government hire – with our coin – their uber-over-charging Marxist attorney friends to defend the power grab.  Win.

Far too often, after millions of dollars and tens of thousands of hours, a Leftist judge appointed by Carter, Clinton or Obama will ignore the law’s clear intent, not enforce it – and instead ludicrously side with the government and its power grab.

(Which is a large reason why Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid dropped the advise and consent nuclear bomb. Reid and his Donkey colleagues immediately thereafter approved three uber-Leftists for the D.C. Circuit Court – which handles most government overreach cases.  Where they’ll spend the rest of their lifetime appointments giving the thumbs-up to future power grabs.)

And even if a rational judge presides and the regs are dumped – the Pyrrhic “winners” are way poorer and older.

And does such a loss – as maddeningly, sadly rare as they are – chasten this Administration?  Of course not.

NLRB Resurrects Union Election Rule

The proposed union rule mirrors a proposal that was struck down in court in 2012

“That’s why we sued them on this the first time,” (vice president of government affairs at the Associated Builders and Contractors Geoff) Burr said. “We do plan to challenge this in the court again.…”

Government-Imposed Net Neutrality: Twice-Bitten, Not Shy About a Third Try

Why does the federal government appear so adamant to again blatantly ignore the law, extend its power over the Internet, and re-impose network neutrality?

After all, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has already tried it — twice. And been unanimously rebuked by the D.C. Circuit Court twice….

President Obama Confident FCC Will Use Authority to Save Net Neutrality

Wait a second — what authority? Six different judges on two different occasions have unanimously said the FCC doesn’t have any such authority.

But since when has the clear intent of the laws and the Constitution — and the rulings of the courts charged with upholding them — stopped President Barack Obama?  After all, he has a pen and a phone.

Behold – lather-rinse-repeat tyranny.

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