Remarks Delivered at Wednesday's 'Audit the IRS' Rally

Note: In the moment, deviations from the script do occur.

Hello, Fellow Future Audit Recipients.

We come here today not to praise the IRS – but to bury it.

My late Grandfather said they aren’t the IRS – they are The Assassins.

The IRS damages everyone and everything it touches.  And it touches nearly every American.

And that was before ObamaCare.

We have in the past months and years seen huge, sweeping federal government power grabs.  They are Hoover-ing up every possible morsel of information about us they can get.

Well outside the bounds of any law.  In clear violation of the Fourth Amendment.

Just in the last several weeks we’ve learned of massive cell phone, email, Internet, text message, instant message and video chat dragnets.

And now we have learned they are listening to, reading and watching them.

We’ve witnessed the startling abuses of power the possession of our data makes possible.  By nearly every Department, Agency, Bureau and Commission.

And no DC bureaucracy has more of our data, more power and more of a history of abusing us than the IRS.

And that was before ObamaCare.

At every turn, this federal government is demanding more and more of our personal information – so that they can use all of it it against us.

Information about our families.  Our money.  Our businesses.  Whether we own a gun.  Whom we support in elections.

And then there is the IRS.  Which has in recent years demanded amongst many other things that we tell them:

  • Our political positions on virtually every issue.
  • What we’ve written in newsletters and blog posts.
  • Details of all of our activity on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Whether our family members intend to run for office.
  • The political affiliation of our mentors.
  • Detailed information about our meetings, rallies, and events – with names of speakers, agendas and materials.
  • That we promise not to protest Planned Parenthood.
  • The names of the children in our mentor programs.
  • And the activities conducted at our prayer meetings.

Well, we need more transparency FROM government – not transparency TO government.

We need to remind this government that we don’t report to them – they report to us.

We have spent far too long living in fear of our alleged Constitutional Republic.

The next audit should be not of any one of us – it should be of the IRS.  They are way past due.

Thank you very much.

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