VIDEO: Tired of Big Government Grabbing Your Data? Obama Isn't

The next big Big Government grab?  Your data – now increasingly digitized.

ObamaCare, anyone?  Campaign Finance “Reform” reporting requirements?  As for gun background checks – has anyone yet demanded the Federales delete the data of the people who pass?  Otherwise, it’s a gi-normous backdoor gun registration process.

We need transparency from government – not transparency to government.

The information  you voluntary give to private companies should never end up in the hands of the Leviathan – unless and until they go through the Fourth Amendment warrant-acquisition process.  Where they have to prove they have a right to any of it.

With things like the unilaterally imposed Network Neutrality, the Barack Obama Administration is preempting this Constitutionally-guaranteed protection.

So too with the President’s Cyber Security Executive Order.  As we explain in this short guerrilla video.

Please, enjoy.

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