Dem Lawmaker DeFazio Breaks Election Law With Impunity

Liberal media bias, unseemly election scams and more than typical Democratic mendacity blend seamlessly together to form the scandalous re-election strategyof Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.). DeFazio is running for his 14th – yes, 14th term against Republican challenger and renowned scientist Art Robinson. And although Robinson in 2010 came nearer to defeating DeFazio than any of his predecessors over that past 26 years, DeFazio is poised to steal yet another election through a combination of illegal campaign activity and malevolent chicanery.

For starters, DeFazio is a loud-mouth punk with as much respect for the American political system as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Rather than engage his contenders in honest debate, DeFazio prefers to cast spurious insults and to defame the character of otherwise good Americans. Two examples:

First, check out this video where DeFazio bellowed, “Why do you hate this country so much!” at Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga.), who happens to be a Marine Corps veteran. (Broun responded coolly:  “I love my country. I’m a U.S. Marine. I’m trying to save my country from financial collapse.”)

Second, from DeFazio’s last campaign against Robinson, when DeFazio authorized the website WhoIsArtRobinson.com. The website, rather than tell you anything about Art, simply asserts that he is a bigot racist who wants to abolish publish schools and store radioactive waste in houses. Art, who has been endorsed by Steve Forbes and a host of respected scientists, will do no such thing. DeFazio is simply a seasoned liar.

Now that his back is yet again against the wall, DeFazio can feel the power he has grown to love slipping from his grasp. As a result, the impossible has happened: DeFazio’s tactics have sunk even lower.

Last week billboards began appearing all over Oregon’s 4th district that appeared to come from Art Robinson’s campaign and appeared to express his positions on the issues of education, social security and federal student loans. The problem? These billboards were actually put up by DeFazio in an undemocratic and corrupt attempt to manipulate the election.

Four of the signs hide or conceal the legally required “Paid for by DeFazio for Congress” disclaimer while three omit it altogether. You can see the signs for yourself in this copy of Art’s civil suit against DeFazio. Put simply, the billboards were intentionally crafted to distort Art’s true policies. (Probably because DeFazio can’t defend his own record.)

By authorizing the use of anonymous billboard attack ads, DeFazio and his campaign have committed an obvious and egregious violation of Federal Election Commission rules. Oregon’s liberal media has ignored the story, which is a part of their previous handling of DeFazio’s outright debauchery. Tragically, polls show that 33% of voters actually believe that DeFazio’s illegal and dishonest billboards actually reflect Art’s true opinions, and with so little time left in the campaign, the Robinson campaign has little recourse but to take to the conservative media and fight the smears.

The race for Oregon’s 4th Congressional District is winnable. DeFazio can and should be tossed out and sent back to his surrogate fatherland, New Zealand. His lies, corruption, and abuse of public trust may have helped him grow rich through the Oregon Kiwi Group, but they have no place in American politics.

Update: Robinson is a common last name. I am not one of Art’s sons. And, if I were, I would likely have my doctorate right now as all of his sons, whom he homeschooled, currently have or are in the process of obtaining advanced degrees.