DoE Loan Watchdog and Obama Donor Also Signed GM & AIG SEC filings

The Associated Press (AP) demonstrated today that they are, in fact, capable of using both “computers” and the “internet” in coordination to do something called “investigative journalism”.

The fruit? Well, it seems that the “watchdog” supposedly responsible for evaluating the Department of Energy’s “Green” loan program is also a $50k+ donor to President Barack Obama. Kind of makes me wonder what else the AP might uncover if ever the strange notion occurred to them that news is more than what their friends and  favorite politicians say in press releases…

For example, if it had occurred to the laudable AP reporters to saunter over to the website of the Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC.gov, and conduct a simple full-text search for Mr. “Herbert M. Allison Jr.” — a.k.a. the “watchdog” that OK’d the disastrous DoE loan programs — then perhaps Mr. Allison would have been exposed as a long-time Obamaist, and not a mere supplicant to the Obama campaign apparatus.

Indeed, if I were Mr. Allison and I saw today’s reports on his nefarious DoE loan associations, I would be laughing all the way to the bank, wondering, at the back of my mind, how the AP missed the real story.

So what is the real story?

Herbert M Allison Jr., the man selected to evaluate the DoE’s (Obama’s) green energy loan program, is not just a big time donor to Obama, as has been reported today, but is also the Treasury Department signatory for federal loans to General Motors (GM), Chrysler and American Investment Group (AIG). According to SEC filings, Mr. Herbert M. Allison Jr. signed a GM official SEC document as follows:


    THE TREASURY, as the Lender

By:   /s/ Herbert M. Allison, Jr.
Name:   Herbert M. Allison, Jr.
Title:   Assistant Secretary for Financial Stability

[Signature Page to Amended and Restated Secured Credit Agreement]

Why, oh why, is DoE’s “watchdog” the U.S. Dept Treasury signer on what appears to be a GM auto bailout/loan for $7.072,488,605? And that’s just a fraction of the federal largess Mr. Alison has redistributed.