Romney Stands Ground Against Whiny GOP Fingerwaggers

That’s the headline this week folks: Why won’t Romney release his tax returns? What an epic failure of the right!

The thousands of pages of tax returns the Democrats are crying about – documents that met the IRS’s standard – show that Romney’s even richer than we thought. Okay. Perhaps he has tithed mindbogglingly much to the Latter Day Saints. Good for him.

Maybe Bain acquired a controlling interest in a company that exported more jobs than products; the market giveth and the market taketh away. Oh well. I frankly don’t think it’s any of my business. I’m surprised to see so many seasoned conservatives lampooning Romney for taking a stand against President Obama’s ugly class warfare campaign rhetoric.

Across the board, conservatives have fallen into the trap of playing according to Team Obama’s rules. The least disclosed President in history should not have moral high ground in calling for documents that have already met the rule of law–especially not among conservatives.

I’m glad to see Romney taking a stand. (For once.) What he needs to do is make bold arguments in favor of capitalism, freedom, and American exceptionalism–all of which can be done by leveraging his leadership of a successful enterprise.

They wouldn’t even really have to be bold arguments. I imagine it going like this:

OBAMA: My opponent… worked a firm… that killed working class jobs!

ROMNEY: What about Dunkin Donuts?

or maybe like this

OBAMA: My opponent… has a lot of experience… creating jobs… overseas!–

ROMNEY: And I could do it here if the tax code wasn’t so wickedly complex.


Romney has made up his mind. And in a practical sense, there is no longer any advantage to Mitt disclosing those files. Conservatives should move on.

We’re not winning when we’re whining.