Don Young Defends Sealaska Land Grab, Calls Redstate Propaganda, #bulldip

For all who doubt the earmarkness of H.R.1408 – one of several provisions contained within H.R.2578: consider the exchange that occurred between Doc Hastings and Alcee Hastings–no relation..? (Yes,  Alcee Hastings is not the most laudable public servant, but bear with me…)

Alcee told the Rules Committee that some people were calling H.R.1408 an earmark –  that is, his staffer read it on RedState – and he wanted to know if the rumors were true. Doc–clearly unfamiliar with the complexities of Alaskan native land claims–stumbled and bumbled before admitting that he really didn’t know that much about the legislation being heard before his committee.

But rest assured, Don Young  assuaged all grievances about the bill with some convincing arguments and a powerful pronouncement against bulldip.Watch the video yourself here.  You could also read the excerpts below. (Warning: Viewing Congressional proceedings may cause drowsiness.)

Is Young playing coy or does he really not read RedState?

“we’re asking for 77 M acres of land to be transferred to Sealaska ”

“There’s no old growth timber involved in this”

“Sealaska will then support a sustainable timber rotation in perpetuity”

“it’s already protected by designation so it cannot be harvested”

“they’re trying to stay away from the old growth timber”

“H.R.2578 supports timber jobs”

“failure to pass this bill will result in the failure of Sealaska timber program as early as 2012”

Here’s where it gets interesting. I just might be the #bulldip he’s talking about…

“and now Mr. Speaker, I’d like to go to the bull-dip awards . . . for information put out on this legislation ”
–  (again) “we’re talking about 77,000 acres that have already been cut”
– “the bull dip award goes to those people that say there are transfer of 50,000 miles of road”

Sorry, I have to butt in again because what he said is just silly. Please examine the following chart from the Alaskan DOT.

Pie Chart

50,000 miles? Brother, you’ve been to Alaska, right? Surely Young simply gaffed, misspoke–or did whatever it is we’re calling it these days when someone special accidentally lets a little bull-dip dribble down his chin on camera.

– “maybe 500 miles of road, but it’s roads that have already been built on acres that have been harvested”
– “it will be used for public use, there is no restriction”

Here’s the best part:

“the idea that we would have people sending out propoganda
“I know there’s an outfit called Redstate saying this is going to cost the Federal government money and it’s a give-away”

The CBO estimates revenue losses for the U.S. Forest Service resulting from H.R.1408 (now contained in H.R.2578) will total $2 million. If you read the CBO report closely, you’ll notice it has bulldip of its own.