Herman Cain's timeline

Missing from the allegations of sexual harassment by Herman Cain are most, not all, of the details. One important detail that I have not heard brought up yet has been any timeline. From what I understand, the accusers are either federal employees or lobbyists. Probably very sympathetic with Democrats or left wing causes.

Herman Cain doesn’t appear to be shy about expressing his political views. He is not a liberal and never has pretended to be. During the Clinton presidency, when these accusations occurred, Herman Cain became a celebrity for asking an embarrassing question during a Clinton town hall meeting. Was that before or after these ladies complained. President Bubba could do no wrong to the left in this country, and these accusations could have been a way, in part, to get even with someone who “dissed” their hero.

President Clinton was also involved in sexual harassment charges himself. The information available today has numerous sexual harassment, as well as sexual assault allegations and even a few accusations of forcible rape. Don’t mention this around one of his fans because they will hate you for bringing these facts up. Maybe Herman Cain brought up unspeakable facts about the beloved Bill Clinton during his NRA meetings and some ladies didn’t like it.

This may seem a bit farfetched but have a conversation with any leftist and you will find a venom coming from them against anyone who disagrees with their belief or heroes that will scare the hell out of you. So I ask, what was the timeline?