Republican issue they will probably ignore.

An issue made for the Republican party. An issue that ha huge majority would agree is important and side with the Republicans. Unfortunately, Republicans surrender if just one person cries “Racism!”.


Unemployment claims are the highest in 26 years. Obama will be happy if it goes no further than 9%. The Wall Street Journal cries that American citizens are competing with illegal immigrants for work (guess who’s side they are on?).


Yet, members of congress want to continue importing 140,000 foreign workers each month.




 These are legal visas. This doesn’t count the illegals. This is in an economy that losing jobs fast. Yet some are so determined to get the Hispanic illegal immigrant vote that the US citizen can go to hell.. Here are some of them:




Before the Senate votes on this, amnesty, college tuition breaks , drivers licenses and health care for illegal immigrants they should start running commercials. Lots of them. Interview unemployed Americans who are in the unemployment lines complaining that illegals are doing their jobs. Interview those waiting for a kidney transplant and show how much longer the line is going to be when the illegals are put  are added (probably to the front) of it.


Voters like the SAVE ACT, e-verify, and the border fence.  In tough economic times, I believe the voters would support a halt to ALL immigration (except what is already in the pipeline) until the unemployment rate is under 4%.  Legal and illegal immigration ended until the backlog of citizen requests and background checks is complete and the unemployment rate is a reasonable level.


Even if we don’t win. We should give Harry Reid a chance to explain to the laid off workers why the unemployment line is so long and why it is a good idea to make it longer.