Screw the Rich

Dear Obama,

I know you feel that there are too many wealthy people in the United States. Maybe you are correct. Try this. Instead of just taxing them into poverty, why not try a free market approach? You have appointed a few centerist economic advisors. Why not?

I called my doctor and needed an appointment with a specialist. The first appointment is in 3 months. Doctors are busy and they are rich. Can you stop limiting the number of US trained medical doctors in this country? I end up seeing someone from India anyway. Please, double the number of US citizens medical students and our citizens won’t have to go to school in Mexico to work here. The price of health care will fall. Less rich people is what you want, more MD’s is what we want. We both win.

Same with other high paying occupations. Sciences, math, and on and on.

While you are at it. Give a few poor people a break. Not with a welfare check (or “tax” break). Just stop importing competition from other countries that lower their wages.Mabe they can obtain a “living wage” and the minimum wage will not even be necessary. Less poor Americans and the taxpayers don’t suffer for it.

Assuming that is really what you want.