Humiliation works

Remember when the Red Cross raised money after 911 and then announced it was really just a donation and not for the victims of 911? The outcry made them change their minds.

Union card check is very unpopular with voters.

Democrats positions on immigration are unpopular as well. Adding half a million foreign work visas, ending e-verify for employment, not completing a border fence a majority of Americans demand, Tax payer paid health care for illegals, amnesty for the 12 million here now…All while the country is experiencing a recession and rising unemployment.

McCain’s amnesty bill was stopped because of public outrage. They did not appreciate this being rammed down their throats by elite politicians. They had to be reminded that they represent us. I doubt it worked. They just didn’t like getting caught.

So let me ask, what do you think are the top few issues democrats support that are so unpopular with the voters (not just Republicans, ALL voters) that can be stopped in this way?

Humiliation works. Besides, it also is all we have left.