I voted for John McCain. I held my nose because Obama was worse. Now the election is over and I would like to ask a question. How much loyalty do Republicans owe John McCain?

Republicans have been more than loyal to him than he has been to us. He fought against the Bush tax cuts. He fought for a very unpopular immigration amnesty bill. He destroyed Republican fund raising with his anti free speech campaign finance reform. He has spent so much time over the past 8 years on television news shows trashing Republicans and reaching out to Democrats that he was considered for Kerry’s VP.

The threat of a primary opponent is all we have to keep any of our own Republican elected officials in line. If it is going to be business as usual and John McCain decides to go back and carry the water for the Democrats, then something should be done.

So, how loyal should we be? Are we obligated to keep EVERY candidate just because they currently occupy a Senate seat and run under the Republican banner? Once elected can they do ANYTHING they want? What is the point of winning an election only to have your candidate surrender to the opposition the minute he gets to Washington?

I am curious to know what the limits, if any, are of loyalty to McCain or anyone else in the Republican party.