Pay to train your competition?

Obama mentioned his Obama Youth League during the campaign. Universal community service could be achieved by forcing universities to require students to perform an amount of “volunteer” service as a requirement for graduation. (I doubt that military service would count). This can be done legally since the universities are highly subsidized by the Federal government.

Well, the Institute for International Education (IIE) has come out with a report on foreign student enrollment in our college and Universities. The numbers will shock you. MIT (30%),Ill. Inst. of Tech (42%), Polytech Inst. of NY (35%), NJ Inst Tech (20%) and the list goes on and on. Especially high are the numbers for Engineering, Math and computer sciences. These are not jobs Americans won’t do. These are high paying jobs Americans can’t get.

More disturbing is that we are paying for it. University scholarships are the major source of financial aid for foreign students.

We should be demanding that Universities cap the number of foreign students and foreign scholarships as a condition of federal aid. This is a no brainer that most of the public would agree with.

This issue is tailor made for Republicans, especially during a recession. Talk about supplying the rope to hang ourselves with. I think Americans are fed up with being the world’s “chump”.

You can find the report here http://opendoors.iienetwork.org/?p=131531or visit www.steinreport.com.