I don’t hang around Starbucks with the little metro-sexuals and there yuppie show wives. The real world. The conservative Republicans an Reagan Democrats have been talking about this in the bars and coffee shops for years.


The world hates us but demands bailouts. Since WW2 they expect it. We owe them.

Great Britan OWES US a trillion dollars (plus interest) for WW2 but wanted money for a PanAm plane that was blown up by terrorists in the 80’s. US-Semi Cump. They are the only ones there when we need them.

NATO. We spend hundreds of billions a year to keep Europeans from killing each other. We are a free 911 emergancy service. Bosnia? Europian problem but NATO does the job. America needs help? Forget about German airspace. Amerians pay, fight and die. Right now there are big complainsts among NATO troups. Only American and British are really there. The rest. Freeloaders. US-Chump.

ISREAL. I AM pro Isreal. Alwasys have been. I was very upset in the 80’s when the government of Israel demanded that we pressure Russia for more Jewish emmigration. America agreed, but the Russians wanted to go to the US and not Israel Israel demanded that Russian Jews be forced to immigrate to Isreal. We agreed and then were sent a bill by Israel for settling the immigrants they demanded sent there. I am sorry, but seventy eight per cent of American Jews vote Democrat. Can we at least have a talk with them? Republicans are the only ones who stand up for Isreal.

TRADE. The playing field is not level. I am a free trader, but Pleaaaase. We treat ALL countries the same regardless of how they treat us.Screw free trade. Fair trade means we do unto others as they do unto us. Got a problem with that?

IMMIGRATION: Too much to even write about here.

I do not believe I am the only one who hates being an American Chump.

Let me know of other examples of America being taken advantage of. Maybe this can be a new Republican cause.