2012 Electoral Votes in PA, MI and WI

The Democrats were willing to do whatever it took to win on Obamacare, even changing the Senatorial Succession rules so Ted Kennedy can be replaced by appointment, the Republican party should do everything in their power to favor the Republican candidate in 2012.

There are currently 3 states where the State legislators can have the greatest impact:  PA, WI and MI. The last Republican to win any of these states was Bush Senior in 1988. So on can postulate that if a Republican wins these states outright, the General Election will be a blowout.  Here is the the GOP controlling both State Houses and the Governorship can help.

These states should assign their electors in the same manner as ME and NE.  The winner of the Congressional District wins the Elector for that district.  The winner of the State gets the remaining 2 electors.  My guesstimate, since redistricting still needs to occur, is that this would reult in an additional 20 or so Electoral College Votes for the Republican Nominee.

This makes the Electoral Math for Barack Obama much more difficult.  This should be the preferred  Republican  method for allocating Electors, however since we can’t give up the clout of TX unless the Dems are willing to do the same in CA we should do what we can to force their hand.