Obama Gives Us A Sign As To How He Will Govern

Anyone see this image posted front and center on Drudge? It is from Senator Obama’s press conference Friday, and it has something new. No, not that. Rather, the sign on the podium- it says, “The Office of the President Elect”. Hmm.

I have scoured the Constitution of the United States of America, and nowhere do I see a provision of such an official office. Of course, the President-Actual can create and demolish Cabinet posts, but I scoured the news as well and did not find anything about President Bush having done this for “the Office of the President Elect”. Nor do I know of any past President having done this.

So I am forced to ask- when/where/what/how was this created? As a history buff, I am quite curious to find out the answer, as sometimes the creation of new governmental offices reflects historic events in the country. Of course, Sen. Obama’s election itself is historic, but as he is the not the first person in this bigger-picture position, I do not see the necessity of having created this office.

Did you notice- the office already has an Official Seal as well, meaning it must be real.

My Point: Hubris much?

Seriously, I do not remember President Bush or President Clinton having any such signs between December and January, and I am too young to remember beyond that. If anyone really does remember or has images, articles, etc. about such things with past Presidents, I really would like to hear/see about them; please post a comment if you have such evidence one way or the other.

By the way, did you notice that when asked “Will you stick to your plan to raise taxes on those who earn more than $250,000 per year?” that he did not answer one way or the other?

(All appropriate credit for the “sign” joke to the movie “My Date with Drew”.)