OHIO ALERT: New Law Could Help Obama; Make It Work For McCain Instead!

We all know that Ohio is a swing state, but now the stakes are going up. Due to recent polls showing a steady McCain lead in the state, Obama’s team had hinted that they might abandon Buckeye-land in favor of places like Virginia. But now, Ohio might be back in play:

Ohio has created a window in the election calendar that would allow residents instant gratification — register one minute, vote the next. … The move will benefit Obama, who enjoys a 2-to-1 lead over McCain among 18- to 34-year-olds, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll released last month. If Obama’s campaign were able to tap into college campuses with one-stop voting, it would add thousands of votes to his tally in a state where, in 2004, John Kerry lost to President Bush by only about 118,000 votes, putting Bush over the top in the electoral count.

Of the more than 470,000 students enrolled in Ohio’s public colleges and universities in 2006, the most recent figures available, nine out of 10 were Ohio residents, the state Board of Regents said. To register to vote in Ohio, a person must be a resident of the state for at least 30 days immediately before an election.

Yikes! But, since most young college liberals scream on street corners before the election and do nothing to actually cast a vote, we might be able to take advantage. Even so, there is a big problem with the way this law is being implemented right now, and we have to do something.Currently, the Dems are picking and choosing in which counties they will push this law. Of course, they are targeting the campus areas, trying to get the aforementioned students to vote early. Emphasis mine:

The voting window, so far, is only being implemented in some counties — typically, urban areas or those with college campuses — leading Republicans to cry foul.

“The prospect of someone coming in with no ID and registering and voting is contrary to every sort of protection that legislators and lawmakers have built into this system for decades,” said Kevin DeWine, a Republican lawmaker who is poised to take over the state party after the election. “The processes and the law and the systems in our 88 counties are not equipped to handle same-day registration.”

I can attest to such problems with Ohio’s election system, as I am a recent Ohio State alumnus who voted in Ohio, on Election Day itself. Moreover, when I moved to Illinois, I registered to vote with my new address, but received a mailing from Ohio several months later asking me if I was still going to be a resident of Columbus in time for the 2008 primaries. If I had said yes, then I could have voted in person in Illinois and by absentee in Ohio. That’s not good- the system in Ohio is bad, and the Dems are trying to take advantage to make it even worse (but to their benefit):

The move is likely to bring Obama to Ohio for nonstop campaigning that week. Also, television ads are expected to be in heavy play as both campaigns try to take advantage of the electoral oddity.

Ohioans have to stand up. First, help fight the way in which the Dems are unfairly implementing the law by spreading the word; this will either force the law to fairly take effect state-wide or it will aid in striking it down completely. Second, if the law holds, whether for a few counties or the whole state, GET OUT THE VOTE! Don’t let the Dems get away with a new kind of gerrymandering; wouldn’t it be great if the whole thing benefits McCain in the end?

The article notes that the state GOP might file suit over this, but who knows if things will be done in time. It’s up to us!!

The Ohio Secretary of State:Jennifer BrunnerGeneral Agency Phone Number: 877-767-6446 (SOS-OHIO) or local 614-466-2655