Illinois Towns Repealing Handgun Bans (AP)

Here’s hoping the trend continues.

MORTON GROVE — In 1981, this quiet northern Chicago suburb made history by becoming the first municipality in the nation to ban the possession of handguns.

Twenty-seven years later, Morton Grove has repealed its law, bowing to a U.S. Supreme Court decision in June that affirmed homeowners’ right to keep guns for self-defense.

Wilmette, another Chicago suburb, voted to repeal its ban. Officials there said they believe they weren’t sued by the NRA because the village stopped enforcing its 1989 ban after the high court ruling.

“In my mind we had to repeal,” said Wilmette Village President Chris Canning, who is also a lawyer. “I knew that our ordinance would not survive constitutional scrutiny.”

Todd Vandermyde, an NRA lobbyist in Illinois, said communities working to repeal their gun bans simply see the writing on the wall.

“Some communities are truly seeing what is contained in the Supreme Court decision and they’re reacting appropriately,” Vandermyde said.

“Others want to spend taxpayer money on some Don Quixote-type quest,” he said, referring to Chicago, whose lawyers insist the city’s ban will withstand any legal challenges.

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