Heller's Impact: Wilmette Repeals Gun Ban

Already, the Supreme Court’s Heller decision is having an impact in the Chicago area: Wilmette has repealed its gun ban.

Village officials suspended enforcement of the ordinance shortly after the June 26 ruling and said it would probably not withstand legal challenges based on the court’s reasoning in the ruling, which said outright gun bans are unconstitutional… The proposed ordinance to repeal the local ban was passed unanimously late Tuesday night.

Although this is only a couple of lines of the story linked above, the way I heard it on the radio was a bit different. It seems like there is much more of a push to come up with something new that can use the wording of Heller in order to justify a lot of gun restrictions. Personally, I think that the ban was reversed because the village does not want to spend money fighting in court; it’s all about the money. Support for this opinion comes in the fact that the repeal was unanimous- in a liberal Chicago suburb, it seems that at least one board member would be gun-grabbing enough to try and keep the ordinance; then again, most people grab money before they grab guns. Or, I could be wrong, and Wilmette is not as bad as I thought (although their stop lights still are not timed with each other).

Whatever the motivating factors, Heller is having an impact.

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