Anti-Gun Governor Evokes 2nd Amendment to Quell Violence in Anti-Gun City

By Commodore Perry

This article is just something else. One of the biggest arguments in favor of allowing individuals to own guns is that it helps reduce violence because lawless gun owners no longer feel like they have free reign over the gun-less, more law-abiding, population. But in Chicago, a city very close to my heart, there has been a ban similar to that of DC for a long time. Recently, there have been a lot of shootings in the city, many involving the Chicago Public Schools, that have made big news. Students have responded by advocating for even more gun control, so that they can increase their chances of not being able to defend themselves.

So now, Governor Rod Blagojevich (D) wants to bring in state troopers, and possibly the National Guard, in order to help deal with the situation. But, how is it that the troopers would help? Because they have guns! Wow! If force was not necessary in order to deal with outlaws with violent weapons, then Blagojevich would not be considering this maneuver before trying lots of other things first.

My Point: Now, we have a gun-grabbing governor and a gun-grabbing city overrun with violent crime, and their only remedy is to use force. In fact, they are using the National Guard, which is the “Well-Regulated Militia” described in the Second Amendment- the same Amendment that, if it had been left properly unabridged, might have given the citizens of Chicago the protection they needed to prevent the violence in the first place. In the end, the anti-guns are using guns to fight crime, although they’ll never put it that way. Liberals’ logic on guns makes no sense and this story proves that they know it, but they will still put spin on things to keep their agenda alive.

No matter what, the crime issue in Chicago has to be dealt with, and it is awful that so many people are getting killed. But whatever happens, I think it’s safe to say that the governor has shot himself in the foot on this one.


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