Another victim of Dodd-Frank: Redbox

Today, Redbox announced that it is increasing the rates of renting DVDs from $1 to $1.20. The reason is listed on their website:

The price change is based on an increase in operating costs, including higher debit card fees that went into effect October 1.

What they aren’t saying is that the reason why operating costs are going up is because of the Dodd-Frank Financial reform bill. Banks passing down the cost of the regulations to their customers, which in this case is Redbox, who in turn is passing their additional costs down to their cust0mers: the cheap rental loving public.

Why can’t our government realize that their “reform” and “punishing the evil banks” has an effect on all? Am I going to quit going to Redbox? Not likely. Am I going to rent from them less? Yeah, probably. Although they haven’t raised rates in 8 years, all it takes is shoving Dodd-Frank down the taxpayer’s throats to cause a direct increase in their rates.

So, to our elected CongressCritters, how about you stop “helping”? Progressive “help” is no help at all.