A possible Term Limit solution

Most lawmakers, with notable exception of Jim DeMint, react to power like it’s a drug. They do not want to let it go. While I was excited to hear that DeMint offered up a Term Limit constitutional amendment, I knew that it would go nowhere. Could you honestly ask lawmakers high on the government teat to willingly limit their own power?

Even before Erick’s great article here, I was thinking of ways to put term limits in place without having to have the lawmakers do it themselves. The answer is simple: when the tea parties have gotten into local and state parties, enact state party rules stating in effect, “we will not offer as our party’s representative someone who has served more than 4 terms as a Representative or 3 terms as a Senator.” Or some other limit defined at the state and local level.

Maybe with time and local and state limits, we can have Representatives and Senators that would sign onto a term limit amendment. But until then, we can make it work at the local level.

Your thoughts.