Take the Gloves Off in the Culture Wars

There are a few people of faith and conviction who are still willing to stand up for their principles. Those people are being systematically punished. Careers are being ended, businesses are being destroyed, and lives are even being threatened by the enforcers of the selfish wave of belligerent decadence currently throttling society in the name of tolerance. As usual, conservatives are taking a high minded road and patiently explaining why threatening others with property destruction is bad even while agreeing with the premise of the thugs making the threats, that it is somehow “wrong” to live your life according to your deeply held religious beliefs if those beliefs cause you to refrain from participating in something sinful like a homosexual marriage.

Conservatives see the need to be serious when it comes to foreign policy. America risks being seen as a harmless foe and a treacherous friend, the conservative pundit class rages. Well, take a look in the mirror. When the strongest language you can summon to defend a Christian conservative who has had their business destroyed is that they were wrong to hold the beliefs they held, but that maybe threatening to burn them out went a tad too far, you’re part of the problem. The conservative movement is doing precious little to defend the religious freedom of individuals out in the cultural arena where it actually matters and doing nothing to extract a price from the forces of cultural corruption who are persecuting people who hold traditional values. Is it too much to ask that our pundit class offer up a defense of religious freedom that doesn’t accept the premise that it is somehow wrong for a Christian to object to participating in a clear Biblical sin?

It’s time for conservatives to use the tactics of the left against them. We need to make the other side pay a price when it attacks our side. It’s time for conservatives to force resignations out of the likes of CEOs and school personnel who attack conservatives.  Wal-Mart CEO Doug McMillion and Apple CEO Tim Cook should be the first to go for their shameful attacks on religious freedom.

It is long past time for the conservative movement to stop explaining to a hostile political and cultural movement that only speaks the language of power.