On Global Warming Environmentalists Want Issue Not Solution

In the wake of the recent article in Britain’s Telegraph discussing wide scale manipulation of global climate data we’re once again reminded that the environmental movement only craves an issue to advance a toxic left wing economic agenda. Conservatives have pushed back, with some success, over the years with arguments based on the many flaws in the science and scientists pushing the global warming narrative. However, there is another glaring gap in the environmentalists claims that we should exploit.


One of the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) studies on global warming concluded that developed countries would need to reduce their carbon emissions to around 50% of 1990 emissions levels in order to have a chance at keeping global warming to two degrees centigrade. Of course, one can expect that as developing countries continue to accelerate their economic development that reduction target will continue to go up. In other words, by the standards of the environmental movement we cannot hope to avoid global warming. We simply cannot cut enough carbon emissions here in the United States or even here in the developed world to stop global warming. That means adaptation is the only practical solution left and adaptation is where the left will part from the global warming narrative they have so painstakingly constructed.


Conservatives should offer up a proposal based on the premises of the environmental movement’s global warming projection that would adapt to the consequences of global warming as described by leftists. We can prepare infrastructure to mitigate the most severe problems like drought and violent weather. Sea walls around major cities and vulnerable shipping areas. Massive new water storage and irrigation infrastructure to counteract desertification. Even if the projections of the pro-warming crowd is wrong (it is) we will still always have droughts, growing populations consuming water, and violent weather. Infrastructure to mitigate these problems will not be wasted. Of course, such a proposal would never be accepted.  Leftists will never agree to huge new construction projects, the diversion of water from rivers, or any of the rest of it. However, conservatives will at last have a cudgel to use against leftists that cannot be assailed as anti-science. It will be the leftists who are anti-science…unwilling to take practical steps to ward off the disasters that they have been bleating about for decades.