High Gas Prices Are No Accident

Congratulations to RedState on their 4th anniversary of providing informed, conservative commentary on all the issues that confront our country. I’m pleased to join many of my GOP colleagues to help launch RedState 3.0 and thought I’d use this opportunity today to post on the number one domestic concern of Americans across the country – high gas prices.

For decades, many Washington Democrats have embarked on an unbridled mission to limit nearly all forms of increased domestic energy supply. The Democrat presidential nominee defined their mission concisely in what he dubbed a “gradual adjustment” to high gas prices. The “gradual adjustment” approach contends that limiting supply over a period of time will cause an increase in price, which will eventually force Americans to discontinue use of traditional energy sources because they can no longer afford them.  In short, these Democrats appear to believe that when American consumers are priced out of a gallon of gas, America will cease to have an energy problem.

For these Washington Democrats, the acknowledgement of basic supply and demand is refreshing, but their shortsightedness has overlooked this inarguable truth: in 2008, Americans drive cars, and cars run on gas. American families simply cannot afford to pay these astronomical gas prices and Republicans will not sit idly while Democrats continue to treat Americans’ financial burden as the price of admission for a “new energy economy.”

Fortunately, Senate Republicans are gaining traction with the Gas Price Reduction Act. This bill is comprised of just a few ideas. But, taken together, these proposals will address the problem head on. They include deep-sea exploration, lifting a Democrat-imposed ban on development of the promising and plentiful oil shale deposits in western states, and increased incentives for the development of plug-in electric cars and trucks. The bill also includes provisions to strengthen U.S. futures markets.

Despite the Senate Democrat leadership’s latest half-day solution to our year-round problem, many rank-and-file Senate Democrats are beginning to acknowledge the need to expand domestic supply. In fact, recent polling conducted by Pew Research Center indicates that self-described liberals’ support for increased domestic exploration has jumped from 22 percent to 45 percent, more than doubling in just four months time.

Public opinion is a powerful motivator and thanks to RedState and our vibrant conservative online community, you’re helping to deliver a powerful message from Americans who are struggling to pay high prices at the gas pump.  Senate Republicans are listening and we are ready to act. It’s time to get the message out and provide the American people with a balanced energy solution that will bring down skyrocketing gas prices without raising taxes or driving American jobs overseas.