#NeverTrump--A Thought Experiment

As a young idealist to the core, presidential elections have always been a painful experience. Hating every minute of it, I’ve always held my nose and voted for “the lesser of two evils.” Maybe it’s force of habit, or maybe it’s because the “Anybody But Hillary” crowd really has a point, but going #NeverTrump has seemed both good on principle and difficult to defend.

Maybe this thought experiment will give you the clarity it has given me.



Let’s say for a moment that the presidential primaries operated like a jungle primary–everyone on one non-partisan ballot (no affiliation listed). Let’s say on that ballot were the following names:
-Some unelectable but pristine constitutional conservative (perhaps Michael Luttig)

Who would you vote for? (Pick one. It helps to actually make a hypothetical choice.)

Now let’s say we’re facing the same scenario except this time the ballot is:
-Some unelectable but pristine constitutional conservative (perhaps Michael Luttig)

In addition, let’s say given this primary system, Trump never had a reason to paper over his clearly liberal, Democrat views and sympathies. In other words, we all saw him for who he really is and always has been.

Who would you vote for?

I would venture a guess that in scenario #1, most RS readers would be #NeverSanders with a white-hot passion and HRC would be a non-starter. Thus Luttig.

How is scenario #2 any different?

Sanders and Trump are both big-government, unhinged leftist progressives. To Sanders, add superlatively dangerous socialism. To Trump add vile misogyny, pedophiliac tendencies, and racist hatred.

There really is nothing about Trump himself that justifies a modicum of conservative support.

Which leads me to the real question. You may instinctively cringe and protest, but is opposition to the #NeverTrump movement really about loyalty to the Republican party? Because for the life of me I cannot figure out what they’ve done to deserve such loyalty.


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