MSNBC's Anti-Semitism and discriminating jokes

MSNBC is out of control and continues to explore racist boundaries that liberals always call out conservatives for, including comedians.  So its time for MSNBC to Suspend Melissa Harris Perry for her anti-Semitic jokes. If FOX News had done the same, the left would call for such a person to be fired and they’d demand reparations to the Jewish community.

Don’t let these people fool you, these are not jokes, they’re attacks on Jews, whites and its quite obvious from the video on the link that this is MSNBC’s desire to discriminate against Jews, whites, conservatives and the Republican party.  This company has expanded into weekly race hustling and its time we all take a stand.   So called jokes are not funny and we all know the left has zero tolerance for race jokes so why would they think this is socially acceptable?

Melissa Harris Perry has a mild but growing history of race hustling as well she has long sought to assign blame with limited facts. People like this give liberals a bad name and liberal is bad enough without starting this desire to race hustle and rant race attacking jokes.  They’re not jokes because the undercurrent is to foment hate towards Jews which the left is famous for.  We must call them out and demand an apology and a suspension.  Anything less only guarantees that liberal racism shall grow!!!!

MSNBC has become MSDNC, will Democrats support Anti-Semitism as MSNBC?





Harris-Perry’s “race joke for the day” was a Jewish joke:

“It’s a young Jewish man, he brings three girls home to meet his mother. And he says mom, I’m going to marry one of these three girls. And I want you to chat with them for a bit and then you predict which one I’m going to marry. And so the mom sits and she chats with the three girls, and then she says – he says, mom, which one do you think I’m going to marry? And she says this one over here on the right. And he says mom, that’s right, how did you know? And she says, I don’t like her.”

DEAN OBEIDALLAH, comedian: Well, I mean, it’s probably the more – the newest one I’m doing about – and in fact they talked about it earlier in the segment. That white people will be a minority in America by 2040. And there’s some white people freaking out. And I tell them, don’t. There are some benefits. First, you get a month to celebrate your heritage. Black History Month – you’ll get at least “Whitey Week.” And celebrations of white people, like badminton and Utah and racial profiling. And white women will finally be exotic. It’ll be great. Now everyone wants to date, you know, Latino, Asian women – there’ll be now like – wow, white girl, where’d you meet her? White Castle. That’s where they make them. I should have known that.